Tactical Training

Training - Non Accredited Courses

The non-accredited courses offered by various Firearms Training Academies are vast in scope. These courses offer security companies, Law Enforcement, Government Departments (and individuals) the chance to train their operators in tactical urban manoeuvres and are tailored to small reaction teams. The training will enhance the tactical skill of security operators so as to respond to different situations as they arise and ensuring the operators will handle situations effectively and confidently. The training will also result in less operator deaths or injuries due to poor tactics in contact situations or negligence whilst on the road. Courses can be tailored to the specific needs of our clients.

Dynamic Handgun and Rifle Training

Advanced level training for operators, with the emphasis placed on urban environments. These courses teach shooting on the move, shooting behind cover, engaging multiple targets and transition between weapons.

Advanced Shotgun Training

Advanced training with the shotgun including transition between handgun and shotgun, engaging multiple targets, speed drills and familiarisation, all with the emphasis on operating in Urban Environments.

Pistol Training

Rifle Training

Shotgun Training

Tactical Small Team Manoeuvres:

Most security companies operate using two man teams, a driver and support member; this training focuses on the urban environment catering for handgun, rifle and shotgun.

It esessential operators are taught the dynamics of vehicle drills, close quarter combat and working in small, close knit teams.

Two Man teams:

Training covers utilising cover and successfully engaging and eliminating the enemy in as short a time as possible.

Vehicle Drills:

Training covers the fundamentals of vehicle usage in a contact situation; embossing and debossing, forward movement, and using a vehicle for cover.

Close Quarter Battle:

Training individuals or teams to successfully and safely clear rooms, stairways and buildings of enemy. Training can be conducted on all three weapons: handgun, rifle and shotgun.

Scenario Training:

Training suited to the needs of the client, the environment and risk factor. Different scenarios are simulated and operators are taught and shown the best methods to deal with each situation.

Miscellaneous Training

  • Range Officer Compliance Testing: Assistance with staff compliance testing.

  • Basic Riot Control Formations: Formations and movement training.

  • Close Quarter Combat: Fitness, Basic hand-to-hand, weapon retention and weapon disarming.